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Learn how to use lip gloss from skilled makeup creative person Michelle Dittrich during this Howcast makeup tutorial.

lip gloss
lip gloss

My name is Michelle Dittrich, and I am a makeup creative person. I’ve done makeup on tons of celebrities, Pam Anderson, Kayne West, Lenny Kravitz, Artemis Richard M. Nixon. there’s a giant thought that I may ne’er try this look on the runway and you fully will, everyone will. you will play to your best attributes and that I will show you ways to try to that. we tend to area unit attending to point out lip gloss for an instant as a result of there area unit such a big amount of choices once it involves lip gloss. however does one apprehend that one is true for you? I’m attending to show you, 3 differing types after all their area unit more, really four completely different, clear as well. But um, I picked neutral colors, all quite a honey, golden, bronzey tone so you’ll see the distinction. that I am attending to show you on my hand 1st, before I apply to Billy, as a result

of we tend to area unit attending to flip Billys examine a summer look building on her natural look. thus perhaps you’ll arrange to before I apply it, that one we should always choose. this is often a sheer gloss, with brown honey quite hue. this is often associate opaque gloss. thus, it’s attending to extremely, offer you the abbess Bardot nude lip. it’s extremely pretty however, I might solely advocate this, either A. after you have a tan or B. once you’re carrying extremely dramatic eyes, as a result of its extremely attending to take the pink out of your lip and then. Billy would you be this kind. Ye, I’ll hold on to that for you. Thank you, thank you. Then we have a shimmer, that this conjointly may, this is often a sheer shimmer. Beautiful, however, um they conjointly are available in opaque, shimmer opaque, um matte opal. I mean they are available in each alternative quite a formula etc. you only ought to play, and have somebody place them on you or attempt them out yourself to work out that one. Finally, there’s a very, extremely shiny gloss, er clear gloss that you’ll decline clean lips, you’ll wear it on prime of a stain. typically I don’t advocate it on prime of a daily lipstick as a result of it moves around an excessive amount of, you would possibly likewise associate with a gloss that has color to it. however if you would like to place this on prime of a stain, it’s super hot, super hot. So, Billy that one does one assume I am gonna choose to place on you. right prime of what you already wear. Um, I feel you’re likely to choose that one or that one, am I wrong? Ok, your correct I used to be gonna associate with the bright bronzey one, thus sensible job. So, right out of the tube. Some have sponge applicators some have brushes, does not extremely matter solely that if you put it on prime of a lipstick with a sponge applier, you wish to merely dab it. to not take away the lipstick. With the comb, you’ll be a bit easier, and additional liberal with it. So, beginning within the middle of her lip, simply brush it across and mix it in, and it’s beautiful OH my goodness. thus conjointly bear in mind, you’ll play with glosses and your lipsticks that you simply already have. thus you don’t need to shop for a brand new lipstick, however, you wanna get some… keep that lipstick and have a special color. Wear the gloss by its self, you’ll wear the lipstick by its self. however, if you place them along you create a brand new color that is admittedly pretty and its fun to try to to. so could be a tiny, transient description of gloss, there area unit several to play with, however currently we tend to area unit attending to, within the next video take this look into a very bronzey summer look. some talking over one another selected the additional vital dialog.


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