Learn how to take care of your hair

The most simple methods of hair care

Hair care is that the most vital a part of the day thanks to pollution and alternative connected factors the nourishment and strength of the hair today could be a heap lower as compared to the older times. therefore here area unit some tips and tricks to guide you thru the method of hair-care


Have a hair-care routine

Having a set amount or interval of days during which you wash your hair and oil helps to stay the hair nourished and healthy. It conjointly prevents them from shedding and alternative scalp connected issues.

Shampoo well

Firstly we tend to should develop the shampoo that has the correct hydrogen ion concentration balance and isn’t too acidic because it damages the hair. Also, we will use apple acetum as a pre-shampoo treatment to assist add nutrients and have a new shine to hair when they’re washed. we must always apply the shampoo from the roots to the mid-shaft of the hair. we tend to should strictly avoid silicone polymer, sulfate, and alcohol-based shampoo. we tend to should rinse the shampoo with cold water as plight opens the pores that cause hair-fall. ne’er I mean ne’er ever in your whole life brush or tie wet hair this results in the event of head lease and dandruff. we tend to should not wash our hair often and conjointly wrap out with a cotton towel or a T-shirt when we tend to wash them.

Coconut oil

When we would like healthy hair oil is our greatest friend. Coconut not solely nourishes the hair by adding nutrients to them however conjointly moisturizes and untangles the hair. it isn’t greasy and helps restore the lost nutrients.


We should have adequate 8hrs. Of sleep, at midnight it helps our body to repair itself and treat the damages that area unit happening on a daily to day basis. conjointly or having healthy hair {we should|we should always|we should always} sleep on silk pillows as they’re softer on hair as compared to traditional pillowcases once we toss and switch throughout our sleep and even be must braid our hair whereas sleeping because it helps to forestall them from obtaining tangled.

Hair Masks

Apart from shampoos, conditions, and oils tons of alternative merchandise will facilitate and nourish the hair one o they’re hair masks. Once or doubly {a we tend toek|every week|per week} we should use a hair mask looking on the hair sort and also the consistency. Egg yolk, honey, and oil mask facilitate to nourish the broken hair. Combining apple acetum, Greek yogurt, and honey facilitates to cut back the breakage of hair. juice and vegetable oil hair mask facilitate to cure the restless scalp. For dry hair, we will mix avocado and oil. hydrogen carbonate and oil facilitate to cut back the build-up of dandruff.


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