Not several people are aware that the favorite pack of chemical hair color may contain serious metals and comes with a harmful chemical composition that causes additional injury than help. thanks to such high chemical concentrations, chemical hair dyes are glorious to cause severe allergies and additionally encompasses a range of aspect effects hooked up beneath its name. the first symptoms embrace cutaneous sensation, redness or swelling around the eyelids or eyes within the aforementioned respect. however, the continual use of chemical dyes may result in severe injury of the scalp and tresses that ultimately lead to hairlessness, excessive hair loss and broken and boring hairs.

Natural hair dye
Natural hair dye

Thus, pick the utterly natural organic flavoring henna powder that has for a chemical free hair coloring expertise and successively, its essential goodness caters to the right nourishment of the scalp and hairs further whereas alternative further blessings that it’s to its credit.

The various blessings of selecting the organic flavoring henna powder because the ideal different to the artificial hair colors are noncommissioned as under:

• Provides for a 100% chemical free hair color that contains no PPD, no ammonia, no oxide, no barium, no serious metal or any quite additives, fertilizers and further synthetics for the matter.


• Makes for a 100% flavoring dyestuff is formed of premium quality henna. thanks to the essential goodness of the utterly organic flavoring henna powder it comes with further advantages for the hair and scalp and any facilitate to supply for the comprehensive nourishment of the hairs and also the scalp.

• Henna powder with the exception of being an excellent natural acquisition agent is understood to enhance the feel and health of the hair and scalp in an efficient manner.

• Henna powder is 100% ammonia free and thus is free from the pungent smell of ammonia. In some cases, the upper concentration of ammonia that’s a gift inbound chemical hair dyes will result in serious metabolic process issues that within the long-standing time causes injury to the lungs.

• This glorious henna powder helps to figure as an injury repair answer whereas being a perfect natural remedy that adds a healthy shine to the locks, heals bound scalp connected problems in an associate completely natural manner whereas functioning because of the best natural stimulant for hair growth.

• It caters to a variety of scalp connected problems like that of the restless scalp to dandruff, flavoring henna powder provides for the required protection to the scalp to stay scalp infections trapped.

• Organic flavoring henna powder is clinically tested to be a very safe product that causes no allergies and has no aspect effects and is appropriate for application on all hair types.




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