Face fat is more than what tells you exactly on your face! , The skin is amazing face in the final stages of the effect.

Causes of facial fat accumulation of subcutaneous fat cells secrete fatty and oily substances that maintain healthy skin and moisture, protected from infections caused by certain types of bacteria and fungi and, in some cases, hyper secretion activity occurs in these glands and excess flow Fat on the outer skin pores, and reasons for this over to many factors, including genetic factors, hormonal factors, so this problem is evident when pregnant or taking birth control pills or when young in adolescence, and anxiety disorders And use of cosmetics, plus unhealthy diet, manufactured articles, high fat, obesity in the body, leading to accumulation of fat on the skin and appear annoyingly


The symptoms and manifestations of facial fat is due to excess fat leak detachment in the sebaceous glands in the skin pores facial area, it would be a permanent gloss appearance, it appears a lot of pimples and acne, skin pallor and loss of freshness, and expansion of the pores, And the appearance of blackheads

Tips to get rid of facial fat

Remove makeup before going to sleep every day, and stay away from oily moisturizers, and replace them with refreshments free of oils. [6] a weekly face mask to rejuvenate the skin. [6] using the right sunscreen and devoid of fats and oils. [6]. moving away from tension; studies have shown that stress has to do with increased fat detachment. [5] food quality: essential attention to food quality, minimize fatty foods, such as fast food, chocolates, soft drinks, because they all lead to increased fat and facial special detachment

Characteristics of oily skin experts pointed out that people with oily skin or suffer from accumulation of fat as they age more slowly than people with normal or dry skin; given the difficulty be wrinkles appear because of permanent fat accumulation on the surface of the skin, Which leaves permanent skin moisture and smoother.


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